Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is a rising tourist destination within Australia, and there are many new people travelling to the Gold Coast as a tourist attraction within the years. Every year, there is a steady increase in the amount of holiday makers that are travelling to the area over the space of at least two years. As the Gold Coast is such a lovely area in terms of the terrain and the overall landscape, the destination was always going to become a large tourist area. But with the increase in the amount of people who visit and stay annually, there has been an increase in the amount of new holiday home buildings.

The biggest advantage to the overall increase in the amount of holiday homes is that the local areas economy is significantly increased and supported. With the higher amount of holiday makers staying in the area, the overall spend in the location from restaurants to corner stores all rise. There is a significant increase in the amount of homes that are becoming filled and with that, there is a rise in the need of food, water and groceries that are suitable for holiday makers.

The most significant spot in the Gold Coast is the coast itself as you would imagine. It homes the most luxurious and expensive of the holiday homes as the large amount of them are by the ocean and are considered 4 star and above hotels. With the amount that it costs just to stay within these hotel rooms, they obviously attract the higher earners.

This is why there is such an increase in the amount of stores and businesses around the coast itself. The closer they are to the higher earners, the more money they are willing to spend (or have on hand to spend). This is a practice that will continue until the Gold Coast itself has shut down.

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